This prop made my N5680X a completely different airplane. 
I Installed the Aero Innovations LoadMaster Prop on a -34 500 gallon thrush(previously equipped with a standard 3 blade prop).

  • This airplane will break ground significantly faster,
  • is 8 to 10 miles an hour faster
  • Will turn around with a load much more efficiently  than before,
  • Use less torque and temp with more power than before
  • It is a totally different airplane!

If you operate a PT6 up to -42 Thrush or Air Tractor, you should really consider upgrading to Aero InnovationsLLC Loadmaster Propeller System, And get the "DAWG" out of your Ag plane!
-Patrick Andrews, Thrush S2R

I am just finishing up my first year of Crop Dusting in a 500-gallon thrush for our family business located in Northern Oklahoma.  We decided to buy the 4-bladed prop from Jim Mills about a month ago, after weighing our options we thought the prop was the best way to go rather than putting on a -42. The majority of my flying is done off of a half mile grass strip, the local elevation is about 1100 FT and during the summertime in Oklahoma temperatures are above 100 degrees almost every day. Anyone who owns a 500-gallon airplane will know that those combinations make for a very sluggish plane with anything more than 400 gallons onboard. After putting the prop on I have to say I would recommend it to anyone thinking about trying it out. I gained every bit of the 500-foot takeoff difference promised and also cut down my turn time while heavy. The plane fly’s like a whole different animal now, I am extremely pleased with the turn out and would do it again in a heartbeat. The only negative thing I have to say is now I have to get a new hopper lid seal since I can put more than 450 in.
-Tommy Deterding, Thrush S2R-T34

All Pros, No Cons - Better take off performance, more pull in the turns, smoother, quieter, better ground handling, moves aircraft cg forward, Hartzell reliability and service. Great Prop!
Adam Meyerkorth | Air Tractor-502B
Meyerkorth Aviation
Rock Port, MO